About the Cats

The many cats cartoons on this site are inspired by a particular set of cats. It’s only fair to acknowledge them and share their stories.

Angel (a.k.a. Booger): Angel was a stray kitten my wife and I adopted before we were married. The orange tabby was sickly in her earliest days and we nursed her to health. Bottle fed and adorable as a kitten, Angel grew to be a petite cat with an ironic given name. Her nickname, Booger, was more apt with her attitude toward other cats and human beings. Angel has since passed on but her legend continues.

Moses (a.k.a. Fat Boy): My wife and I adopted Moses as a teenage cat as “company” for Angel. Little did we know, Angel could have well done without any other feline companion. Nevertheless, Moses spent a great deal of time trying to play with his older, smaller and fussier sibling. This grey tabby also shows a strong love for chow and therefore earned his nickname.

Cookie (a.k.a. Cookie): My wife had a short but enjoyable career as a veterinary technician. One Easter holiday weekend, she brought her work home in the form of 9 kittens. We were traveling to visit my parents that same weekend and took the little furballs with us. My parents adopted a black and white kitten from that litter who turned out to be one of the greatest cats ever.

Fluffy (a.k.a. Fluffimus Prime): In a weak moment, I allowed a new kitten into our home. With our son growing older, my wife and I thought he would benefit from having a pet of his own. Fluffy is a petite, black and orange tortie who is my freshest inspiration for a sequel to this book. She has also become the best friend and playmate that Moses always longed for.