My Cat From Hell

Wow. With TV like this, my next book, 99 More Reasons to Hate Cats, may just write itself.  Check out the Season 2 highlights for My Cat From Hell on Animal Planet.  I’m going to have to watch the clip “Bizzare Love Triangle” after reading this description:

The only issue stopping Tim and Brooklyn from getting married is Kleo, Brooklyn’s cat. As she continues to molly-coddle Kleo, Brooklyn believes that her pet and her boyfriend are just jealous of each other. Is that really the case?

I consider myself fortunate now as I was able to marry my cat loving sweetheart without going through pet counseling first.

Free Kindle Book Again! 99 Reasons to Hate Cats

99 Reasons to Hate Cats book coverOops, I did it again. My last free Kindle book promo did so well that I’m doing it one more time. 99 Reasons to Hate Cats is free from 9/18 to 10/2.

So go get the Kindle edition of 99 Reasons to Hate Cats book for free. If you’d do me the favor of a review on, it would be most appreciated.  Also, please spread the word to anyone who would like the book!

No Kindle? No probem: You can still purchase Kindle books and view them via a free Kindle app for your iPhone, iPad, Android, PC or Mac. Learn more about reading books on Kindle.

Publishing on Kindle: My KDP Select Review

My cartoon book, 99 Reasons to Hate Cats, is currently a part of’s KDP Select program. KDP Select is of interest to authors and creators (particularly independent artists) as it’s proved to be a good avenue for exposure. When you sign up for KDP Select, you agree to keep your book exclusive to Kindle for 90 days.  With that, you can make your book free for 5 days as a promotional effort. I’ve read a number of accounts of wild or moderate success with this tactic. So I am sharing my experience.

Taking the advice of other KDP Select reviews, I opted to string my free days together. The general wisdom is to do more than one day to allow for momentum to build. Buying in to that completely, I set all 5 of my free Kindle book dates together from Friday, 7/28 through Tuesday, 7/31 without any thought toward it being the start of the 2012 Summer Olympics. (Bad move? I am hoping not.)

On Friday and Saturday, both days pulled in about 500 books downloaded. So Sunday morning, I was pleased to hit my mental milestone of 1,000. It was far from wild success but still respectable. 99 Reasons to Hate Cats became the  #1 free book in the “Humor > Cartoon” category and #14 in the free “Humor” category. Not shabby but the book was just around 300 in free Kindle books overall.

Now it is Sunday evening and the snowball effect has kicked in. As of just after 10 pm, my book has hit 4,000 downloads, still #1 in Cartoons, moved up to #5 in free for Humor and is at #134 in overall free Kindle books. I’m thinking if it can tip into the “top 100” that this snowball will start to roll big.

Update: I awoke to great news Monday morning. Of course, I had to check Amazon first thing. The snowball is indeed rolling as 99 Reasons to Hate Cats is #17 overall and #1 in Humor on the free book charts. It has officially exceeded my expectations in rank. Total book downloads have jumped to 6,800.

Late Monday evening, the overall rank topped at  #11 and the book is approaching 12,000 downloads. New, positive reviews are turning up on the its page. I could not be more pleased.  One day remains. I’m curious where this ride will stop.

Wednesday, August 1: My KDP Select free promo ended yesterday. The final free book download tally was just shy of 27,000. The book topped out at #9 on the top 100 free Kindle book list. Still better, my new readers gave 10 more good reviews (4 star plus on average) which is great confirmation that people like the book. Next, we see how well paid sales go now that 99 Reasons to Hate Cats is back to its regular $2.99 price.